15.1.2019 TaskManager v4.2.9 released
This version consists of changes needed to keep compatibility with Google Suite (login via Google, Google calendar synchronization). Additionally there has been implemented optimization for synchronization with Google Calendar.
15.10.2018 TaskManager v4.2.8 released
Added possibility to define more notifications to a single task, additionaly the notification can be of two types now: fixed date of notification and defined number of days before deadline. Performance optimization for tasklist opening and saving implemented.
19.2.2018 TaskManager v4.2.7 released
Since this version users can add arbitrary number of files/attachments to any task by drag-and-drop..
15.9.2017 TaskManager v4.2.6 released
Browser notification added. Now they can (if configured) replace e-mail notification during the time the user is logged into TaskManager. New extended report of selected tasks (of filtered tasklist by arbitrary attribute). Added help for user permissions.
21.5.2017 TaskManager v4.2.5 released
This is a maintenance version, added support for new versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, IE, Opera and Safari.
31.1.2017 TaskManager v4.2.4 released
Heavily updated authentication of users via LDAP/Microsoft Active Directory (AD), automatic user creating in case it exists in LDAP but not internally in TaskManager (upon user login), import tasks from specially created txt files (if line starts with number, it will create task for this line+following lines until there is another line starting with number), added possibility to show/hide print option from tasklist, updated followers (users which are notified upon task create/task change/task delete) - upon setting in configuration, it is now possible to see in followers only users, which have permissions to see the tasks, new field/column in tasklist available showing who made the last change of the task.
30.8.2016 TaskManager v4.2.3 released
New features: autosuggest for users/asiggnees of the task, coloured coments in case there are more comenters, new configuration option allowing only author/creator of the task to move the task to Finished task group, possibility to add particular date & time of task reminder, possibility to show in tasklist required skills and required locations of the task.
21.7.2016 TaskManager v4.2.2 released
New features: automatic synchronization with Google calendar (up to now there was only manual synchronization available), support of more calendars for a user, possibility to create calendar event which is relevant to some specific task directly from this task, added new favourite filter "Tasks changed since last login".
21.6.2016 TaskManager v4.2.1 released
New features: extended TaskManager API for communications with 3rd party systems, added new permissions (e.g. for showing/not showing charts), added possibility to explicitly select author/creator of the task template, added possibility to define validity period(s) for custom tasks (e.g. it is now possible to define custom attribute user's hourly rate, which will be 7 EUR/hour from now till end of the year, and since start of the next year it will be 10 EUR/hour)).
2.3.2016 TaskManager v4.2 released
New features: Updated synchronization with Google calendar (support for new Google API), extended system logging for quicker and easier bug fixing.
21.10.2013 TaskManager v4.1 released
New features: batch e-mail notification possible (if configured) - up to now the notifications were sent immediately after any task change, added GUI improvement: upon double-click on task edit window, the edit window will get enlarged to nearly full screen; added export of the tasks to mind map (Xmind format), added GUI improvement: possibility to fold/unfold all tasks and all task levels (in case subtasks are used).
1.6.2013 TaskManager v4.0 released
New features: Added management of the task groups directly to TaskManager GUI (for administrator), added possibility to define automatic tasks and task templates. Projects can now have sub-projects.